Uganda is a country of amazing uniqueness not only its people, but also in the natural endowerment ranging from rare animals, intriguiging bird species, mystic cultural sites to breath-taking sceneries.

Uganda boasts of the biggest concentration of game and bird species that give Uganda’s wild life attraction its undiluted uniqueness. Animals such as the mountain gorillas, Columbus monkeys, Chimpanzees, Elephants, Hippos, Bucks, Antelopes and Kobs are some of the many.

The Rwenzori mountains wich continue to glow throught ages are not only intriguing, but offer a splendid challenge to the lovers of mountaineering. The mountains when viewed from above, seem to give an impression of an active volcano only waiting to erupt, but alas!

The Rwenzoris have been domant for centuries and all that was left of thier immense volcanic activeness is the moonlight glow which has earned the mountains the description “Mountains of the Moon” Yet it is not the moonlight glow that makes the center piece of the attraction of these mountains, but the snow capped top right at the Equator.

The evergreen lush, fauna and mountain ranges in the Western part of Uganda give the country unforgettable scenaries.
Many who have experienced Uganda will always attest to what nature has done for this “Pearl of Africa”

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