5 Best Places to See Chimpanzees in Uganda

Uganda is a basket of primates and among them include chimpanzees.  Chimpanzees are considered to be our closest cousin for sharing 99% DNA with human being. Chimpanzees are the second Thought after Gorillas and most visitors taking Uganda safari tours engage in this rewarding adventure.

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and are capable of using tools like sticks, stones and pods among others during their routine work.  They are also social and they stay in communities of dozens of animals with alpha male chimpanzee. Chimpanzees commonly use fours (knuckle-walking), but can stand and walk upright. Chimpanzees have long arms, hands, and fingers, which help them climb trees and swing from branch to branch.

Though chimpanzees stay in tropical forest, they can also be found in woodlands and grasslands spanning from central to western Africa.

Below are chimpanzee destinations in Uganda:

  1. Kibale National park – Kibale National Park stands 1,590m above sea level. The lowest point is 1,100m on the floor of the Albertine Rift Valley to the south. 351 tree species have been recorded in Kibale National Park, some rise to over 55m and are over 200 years old. Kibale’s varied altitude supports different types of habitat, ranging from wet tropical forest on the Fort Portal plateau to woodland and savanna on the rift valley floor. Kibale is one of Africa’s foremost research sites. While many researchers focus on the chimpanzees and other primates found in the park, others are investigating Kibale’s ecosystems, wild pigs and fish species, among other topics.

Currently, Kibale National park offers Gorilla trekking at US$200 per person and chimpanzee Habituation at US$220 per person.

  1. Budongo Forest – Situated in northwest Uganda from Kampala city. Budongo forest is believed to be along the way to Murchison Falls National park. And it’s on the escarpment northeast of Lake Albert. It is known for its former abundance of East African mahogany trees as well as being home to a population of chimpanzees.

Today, the cost of chimpanzee trekking in Budongo Forest cost us$ 80 per person and Chimpanzee habituation at US$160 per person.

  1. Kyambura Gorge – Its situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park (the second largest National Park in Uganda). Kyambura is located on north-eastern side of QENP, approximately 30 km from QENP Headquarters. Kyambura Gorge spans a distance of 11 km and links to the Kazinga Channel, which forms the northern boundary of the reserve. Village and plantations lie to the south. The cost f chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge is US$50 per person and among the cheapest.
  1. Kalinzu forest – Its part of Queen Elizabeth National park and famous for chimpanzee trekking with over 300 individual chimpanzees and a bout 40 chimpanzees were habituated by Japanese researchers some few years back. The cost of Chimpanzee trekking in kalinzu Forest is US$40 per person and no park entry fees required.
  1. Ngamba island – It’s situated in Lake Victoria and one of the most popular Islands in Uganda. Ngamba Island is known for hosting orphaned chimpanzees captured from different parts of Uganda. The Island can be reached by water from Entebbe water front beach and Air from Kajjansi or Entebbe Airport. Over 49 chimpanzees living in a sanctuary setting where they have 95 acres of forest to roam every day. See how much food they eat, meet the team who care for them and watch chimpanzee social behavior up close from a viewing platform that overlooks the forest. The cost of chimpanzee trip: 1 Person $326. 2 Persons $168 each. 3 Persons $118 each.
  1. Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education centre (UWEC) – Formerly called “Entebbe Zoo”, UWEC was opened in 1952, by the Colonial Government in Uganda, as a reception centre for wild animals that were found as casualties. Among the primate there include chimpanzees- the orphaned ones which were rescued from the hostile human environment. The cost of chimpanzee up close at UWEC: Resident: $15. Non-East African: $35.

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Imagine Uganda Without Gorillas

Imagine Uganda without Gorillas! Gorillas are a major pillar to Uganda tourism. You cannot talk of Uganda tourism and forget to talk about gorillas.  Gorilla trekking is a daily activity in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. The current cost of Uganda Gorilla permit goes up to US$700 making it the most expensive tourist activity.

According to the last census, Uganda hosts over 400 mountain Gorillas making Bwindi and Mgahinga the most visited parks. In this article, let us asses Uganda tourism without gorillas.  Can it progress? Can Uganda still maintain the number of tourists received per annum? Are there other activities which can substitute gorilla trekking?

Yes, Uganda tourism can survive without gorillas. Uganda is gifted with a variety of other attractions that can attract a considerable number of tourists. If you would not like to fork out US$700 for a Uganda gorilla safari, there are many other adventures that you can include in your next Uganda safari holiday Below are some of other tourist attractions on which Uganda can depend apart from the gorillas. ;

Chimpanzees – regarded as our closest relation sharing 99% of our DNA. Trust me, Chimpanzees are amazing because they are intelligent and capable of using tools to perform their daily activities. Chimpanzees are interesting to see – they can use stones, stick and pods among others during their daily activities. Chimpanzee trekking occurs in Budongo Forest, Kibale National Park, Toro- Semuliki game reserve, Kalinzu Forest and Kyambura Gorge.  Chimpanzee permit is cheaper than Gorilla permit and the lowest is US$50 to US$200.

Golden Monkeys – Guests can visit Mgahinga National Park to see the amazing Golden monkeys. The current cost of Golden monkey trekking is US$90 and no need to pre-book. Once you visit Mgahinga, expect to hike to meet gorillas in the Mgahinga uplands. Golden Monkeys move in troops of about 50 members and offers a single trek compared to Gorilla trekking.

The savannah parks protect a variety of attractions – including animals, birds, relief, drainage features among others. Savannah parks in Uganda includes Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley national Park, Lake Mburo national park and Semuliki National Park. The major tourist activity in such parks include Game viewing and boat trips. While in Uganda savannah parks, expect to see elephants, Antelopes, Lions, Giraffes, Zebras, Antelopes and Buffaloes among others.

Without Gorillas, Uganda can depend on Mountaineering – Mountain Rwenzori in western Uganda and Mountain Elgon in Eastern Uganda offers the best mountaineering services in Uganda, East Africa and Africa at large. The famous Mountains of the moon (Mountain Rwenzori) is interesting with snow capped peaks and lots of other attractions surrounding the mountain. Climbing Mountain Rwenzori will not only reward you the views of glacial features but also gain expertise and physical fitness.

Without Gorillas, Uganda can depend on boat trips – there many water bodies like Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Edward, Lake Gorge, Lake Albert among others. Rivers include Nile, River Katonga and so on.  Boat trip rewards the view of water loving mammals and birds- visit different islands- spend some period on the islands is amazing. Oh! Don’t forget boat trip on Kazinga channel to see water loving birds and mammals like crocodiles, Hippos, Monitor Lizards among others.

Uganda without Gorillas, can survive on culture – Uganda is among countries with rich culture. The country with many tribes offers unique cultural songs, dance, musical instruments, dressing codes among others. Such community is interesting to visit – do not forget to explore the unique culture of the IK (North Eastern Uganda) and the Batwa of south western Uganda.

Uganda is a basket of primates – Kibale National Park alone protects 13 primate species including Chimpanzees, Vervet monkeys, Black and white colobus Monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, LHoest Monkeys, Grey checked Monkeys, Olive Baboon, Uganda Red Colobus, The potto, Patas Monkeys, Uganda Mangabey and so on. You can also meet primates in other parts of the country like Busitema (Olive Baboon), Uganda Wildlife Education centre (Former Entebbe Zoo) and Ngamba Island on Lake Victoria – for that case, Uganda welcomes primate lovers.

Historical sites like Uganda Museums, Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo, Kabaka’s Lake, Kasubi Tombs and so on. Such sites keep the historical tools, clothes among others.

In conclusion therefore, Gorilla trekking earns Uganda a lot of foreign exchange but the country can as well depend on others activities like Chimpanzee trekking, Golden Monkey trekking, Game viewing, Boat trip and Cultural tours among others.


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Go White Water Rafting in Uganda

Jinja town is one of the traditional districts in Uganda and before the Europeans came to the town it was first prominently known as the small fishing village that was located in banks of longest River Nile and with the arrival of the British colonial rule in 1906, the town started to grow very fast. At first as trading Centre as well as river crossing area and later it was turned to an industrial town of Uganda. Currently Jinja which is well known as adventure district of Uganda is one of the interesting historical districts in Uganda endowed with different natural and artificial attraction pulling tourists to book safaris to Uganda.

In the mid-19th century Jinja town had grown very fast and occupies by different people such as the Indians, as well as Africans, and European. The construction of the Owen Falls dam led to generation of hydro-electricity and this uplifted the statutes of the town into an industrial city in Uganda and it attracted foreigners to take safaris in Uganda to identify investment opportunities. Bad news came during the political crises of the 1970s during the regime of President Amin who decided to push all the Indians who were running the industries in Jinja. This greatly affected the town and hard to pull its development down but today the only town visitors should yearn to visit during their Uganda safaris is Jinja, the adrenaline capital of the Pearl of Africa.

Jinja town is where the source of the longest river in the world is located and also visitors interested in taking a tour to this town has got an opportunity to participate in white water rafting on the Nile.Jinja is point where the rapids stretch up in the Nile and therefore visitors to this place can enjoy spectacular places in the whole of Africa when participating white –water rafting. Rafting in this place is very intense but safety is guaranteed to tourists when carrying out the activity as the team of expert guides have to give you company through the experience. Always rafting trips are followed by a rescue fleet so that for any visitors who find it unbearable can retreat.

Uganda safaris destination of Jinja offers travelers who are seeking adventure experience to enjoy their safaris in the source on the Nile in Jinja town .The adventurous town is blessed with the worldwide best organizers of the rafting activities including Adrift who were among the first people to invest in the adrenaline services and market their products to travelers on Uganda safaris.

Travelers who are non-experts in adventurous activities like rafting in the standard rapid falls are also catered for because there are less extreme options where such travelers can also enjoy and get an interesting wonderful experience and this option even caters for a family float trip.

In addition victors can also have wonderful experience in white water by participating in the adventurous activities like Kayaking. The memorable experience here starts from training course offered to visitors as well as guided trip which is done through the interesting but scaring raging rapids.Besides that visitors on their Uganda safari can also get involved in boat cruises and this means Jinja is really an adventurous district so for any visitor looking for destination to enjoy adventurous activities, he or she confirm safari to Uganda the pearl of Africa.

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Here is Why You Need to Go on a Self Drive in Uganda

Car rental services in Uganda are the most popular ways for one to explore what this country holds for the world at a visitors own time. With Self Drive Uganda, visitors have opportunity to explore and discover Uganda privately or alternatively while on guided safaris. We therefore have a wide of cars for hire that enable our clients to realize their dreams while on African safaris in the pearl of Africa. If you ever thought about realizing the value for your then contact our receptionist for car hire and you won’t regret in life. We pay attention tour client’s needs and ensuring quality provision is ideally one of our priorities.

Below are some of the reasons why you should embark on self drive safari in Uganda;

We offer wide range of care hire services, including corporate services especially business conference transfers, exquisite wedding parties transportation by offering classic vehicles such as the limousines and the luxury SUVs which can be used on corporate conferences. Our fleet of cars can also utilized by travelers on Uganda safaris as we also have a wide range of 4 by 4 safari vehicles especially the Land Cruiser, Toyota Rav4s, safari vans and others. For those who are interested in group tours, we still have you catered for with our classic minivans and coaster buses. As well, if you are first time or repeat traveler and you need to be transferred from the airport to your respective hotel, there is no need for you to get stranded, you are also covered as we have airport transfer services with the best cars which will deliver you safely and comfortably to your respective destination.

Fast and convenience rights from reservation, there is no need to struggle or line up in long queues to reach the receptionist to make a booking, visitors can simply do it via email and telephone contact and your car hire will be booked for you within the shortest time without necessarily you traveling physically to Uganda to make booking of your car of choice for self drive tour. Our clients can book cars of their choice while in their offices, at home, in the vehicles given the current technological changes which have resulted into smart phones, tablets and laptops which are compatible with websites of our car hire company in Uganda.

Reliability, all our car rentals are best for clients to realize their travel dreams in Uganda. We operate 24/7 and any time you contact us we shall be at your service. We have well trained, experienced, reliable, trusted and professional drivers to help take you through any part of Uganda for your vacation. They are time conscious and they can deliver you to your respective destination at that expected time.

Affordability, our 4 by 4 car rentals are pocket friendly and they feature roof tents which you can use as accommodation. You can also choose an ordinary 4 by 4 with no camping offers.

Unlimited travel, our car rentals are issued on unlimited mileage which means visitors can enjoy their safaris at their own pace.

Comfortability, our cars aren’t only better and reliable but also offer you that total comfort that any traveler deserves while on self safari in Uganda and our team can be contacted at any time for any assistance.

Absolute getaways, with self drive tours, visitors have a chance to retire the brain with amazing interaction with nature.

In conclusion, self drive safaris in any new destination including Uganda are more of adventurous. You have opportunity to explore and discover new interesting tourist sites own your own at your own time. The other advantage is that it offers better wildlife spotting experiences and close encounters for you and nature.

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10 Interesting Trails Not to Miss in Bwindi

Do you love nature? Is hiking one of your treasured adventures? Bwindi Impenetrable National Park offers you with yet another tremendous adventure that will help you extend your stay during a gorilla safari in the misty hills of South-Western Uganda. Besides tracking the rare mountain gorillas, you can also engage in hiking experiences in and […]

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10 Things to Do When You Visit Jinja

Jinja is one of the most popular touristic towns in Uganda. Located in Eastern Uganda, Jinja is the ultimate gateway for adventure seekers looking to engage in different holiday activities. This peaceful town is the one of the best destinations for nature retreats and it has more to offer! Here are the top 10 things […]

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5 Things To Do On Lake Bunyonyi

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5 Popular Islands in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water body in east Africa covering an area of 68,800 square kilometers. Lake Victoria stretches through three East African countries; Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is naturally breath taking because of it do many islands that a home to thousands of people and wildlife. Would you like to […]

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Get Up Close and Personal with Mountain Gorillas

Walk on the wild side and visit Africa for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with one of the rarest animals on Earth-The mountain Gorillas. Over 350 mountain gorillas live and play among the mossy undergrowth of the forest floor. Adult males can behave aggressively towards any perceived threat, and mock charges and chest beating are common among […]

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Best Place To See Golden Monkeys In East Africa

If there is a region that is endowed with natural wonders then East Africa is one of them. Not only will you find savanna grassland wildlife like African elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards but also variety of forest dwellers including the striking golden monkeys. These are among a few most fascinating primate species you need not […]

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