Things to Consider before Hiring a Car in Uganda

Before one hiring a car in Uganda or rwanda from any car agent of company, there are certain things he/she should consider to ensure that he gets the best services. It’s embarrassing to spend your money on services that are below standard and not worth the money. This is why maximum cautiousness is required when selecting where to get a car from. In this case let’s look at Uganda and Rwanda because it’s where car hire is developing rapidly. Below are some of the things one should look at;-


This is so important especially when it’s the first time for someone to book with a specific company. I know this is difficult to determine my tourists when just booking online but there are some measures one can use to prove this like checking if the company is listed on the various tourism platforms like the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. Reading through the reviews given by different clients that have used that company on the various tourism portals is important. If a company has excellent genuine reviews then its credibility is perfect and you can go on and book with it.


Experience companies always offer the best services and therefore one should put that in mind while selecting a company to use. Experience normally comes with the number of years a company has been in a particular business. While selecting a company to book a car from, it’s important to check how many years it has been renting out cars to people. The least number of years one should consider is 8 years. Companies that have just started lack the necessary exposure and experience so they won’t guarantee a tourist the best services for their money.

Office location;

Some people ignore this factor but is important. Since tourists book their safaris online and they choose companies to travel with from far away in their countries, there is great chance of dealing with a thief. Some people open up websites with the sake of taking advantage of tourists who want to visit Uganda or Rwanda. Some even pretend to be car hiring companies yet in actual sense they don’t exist and their company is not registered. Its therefore important for someone to determine whether the people he/she is dealing with have a physical office which is well know. This is for security purposes so that if anything happens a client has to know where to go and claim his/her money.

Conditions of the cars;

Since safety is key while travelling, it’s a good practice to always select those companies that have good vehicles which do not put the lives of clients in danger. Since cars have to be serviced regularly, tourists should ensure that they go with those that take the initiative to service their cars. Old vehicles are not to se while on a safari and therefore only those companies that use new cars are worth traveling with.

There are other factors to consider but those listed above are the most important especially for security and safety reasons. Always book with the best car hire agents for a real adventure.

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