Travel by road:

Driving in Uganda is enjoyable and is really the best way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, vegetation and wildlife. Ordinance maps that are good and updated can be got from the Department of the Surveyor General in Entebbe and the Uganda Tourist Board in Kampala. Finding your way around the country is no problem at all. You can obtain country, regional, and street maps of major cities and towns.

Uganda Motorists association also provides excellent maps detailing all the major roads and distances between major centres. Uganda boasts some of the longest tarmacked roads in East Africa about 6,230 kms (3870miles).

The 22,100kms (13,730miles) of the secondary and dirt roads are very motorable, although they become muddy and slippery during the rainy seasons (March-April and October-November). Only four-wheel vehicles can be trusted to make the journey with some ease. Driving is on the left hand side like in the United Kingdom.