Rafting the Nile River in Uganda

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Rafting the Nile River in Uganda

The source of the Nile is one of the most spectacular white water rafting destinations in the world and for many doing a safari to Uganda a rafting trip is the highlight of their adventure. Currently there are four companies offering exhilaration without compromise. The two most popular and pioneers are the Adrift adventure company and the Nile River Explorers, the other two operators include equator rafters based on Speke camp, Bujagali and the latest entrants the Nalubale rafters.

All the companies take on the big four including the bad place Itanda but there is always a boat on standby just in case you decide the rapids are too big for you. All of them also include a set of incentives to lure you over including meals, free night stays, beers DVDs and videos of your big day out if you think no one will believe you were brave enough back home.All operators accept credit cards and you can also book through your lodge or guest house.All of them can pick up punters from popular hotels in Kampala and drop them off in the evening for those who choose to stay around Jinja.

Adrift also offers popular family float trips over two days, which gives young children a taste of the river action and gives adults a chance to try their hand at river boarding. There are also two to three days combination for the full Nile experience and a rafting bungee combo if you really want to push your button.

The adrift Nile high bungee is the only Ugandan bungee jump, at 44m plunge into the Nile River close to the river bank. It is a little intimidating from above but really safe just relax and pilot your best swan dive for a thrill of your life.

Nile river Explores offer the longest day ride (30km) on the river, as it puts in further upstream than the others. The team also offers a second day of rafting for repeat offenders. They also operate the most popular camping ground in town above Bujagali falls.

Quad biking along the beautiful banks of the Nile is a real blast thanks to the All-terrain Adventures with more than a dozen bikes , after a little spin on the practice circuit, the time has come for you to experience the unexplainable fun in exploring the criss crossing paths and trails in the nearby countryside. The trips range from an hour to a full day. However you could give the twilight cruiser with a meal in a local home.

The Nile flyer operated by the adrift adventure company is your chance to fly across the river Nile supported by a steel wire. This is similar to hang gliding with a guaranteed safe landing. This is another way of getting up close and personal with the mighty Nile.

Other popular activities also growing in popularity, include river boarding for the brave hearted – taking to the mighty waters of the mighty Nile armed with only a boogie boat and a kayaking course to teach you how to tame the waters of the mighty Nile with just a paddle. Tandem kayaking trips, and sunset puddles are also available. All in all the Nile is set to compete with the Zambezi for the Title of Africa’s favorite river for frolic in the coming years.

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