Mabira forest in one of the most strategically located forests for anyone visiting Uganda, the forest is located 59 kilometers away from Kampala and 30 kilometers from Jinja along Kampala Jinja Highway. Because of its strategic location, it receives about 62% of all the tourists who come to visit forest reserves in Uganda.

The forest is gifted with numerous butterflies and bird species that are eye catching to whoever visits this place. The forest cover provides a freshness that you cannot found anywhere in the region. This freshness is accompanied by the flowing streams of waters that create a unique sound of nature when accompanied with sounds of the motioning trees and birds. Besides, Mabira is the only Zip lining center in East Africa

The forest center is based at Najjembe village, to the average Ugandan or anyone that often travels to the Eastern part of Uganda, it is a common stop over for refreshments and snacks, however because of the vastness in the activities you may do in Mabira, you might have to first consider a few surrounding havens of accommodation to enhance your Mabira experience.


The forest has its own cottages within the forest built to fit the scenery of the forest reserve. The center has 7 double rooms and five twin suite with furniture, a swimming pool, health spa, restaurant, bar and a private balcony for the aerial view of the place.The place also has a specious campsite available for outdoor camping and educational tours with 12 tents and water.

There are other places of accommodation with in 7-10 kilometers radius that you might put  in consideration since the Eco-lodge might need a minimum of 2-3 weeks booking in advance. The prices also vary according to how close the place is to the forest reserve.

Flora and Fauna

The forest is still gifted with over 200 tree species some of which are well known for medicinal purposes and a lot more. It is also home to several endangered mammals that can be found in different parts of Uganda. The illegal Human activities in this place such as deforestation and charcoal burning affect the natural flow of activities for the mammals. Species such as the colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, baboons, short tailed fruit bat, Mangabey, butterflies and birds are affected by some of the activities

Statistically, the place has over 218 species of butterflies, 95 moth species and about 23 mammals that also include the primates. With the help of the guide, you may go on a tracking journey for some of these species. This might also be done as a subsidiary activity  along nature walks, and mountain biking through the forest trails.

Typical of everyone thrilled by bird watching; binoculars, a camera and a zoom camera lens are inevitable companions of the same. Mabira forest is a home of over 315 species of mostly forest birds. Though the forest is gifted with an extensive network of trails, the company of a tour guide will make your exploration venture simpler. The forest is home to about 46%  of Uganda’s Population.

Zip Lining

Climbing is one of the childhood hobbies of many people, however, as the saying goes, ‘people never change, they only learn how to behave in public’ many people still have a yarning in them to do some of the childhood activities they used to do, but the environment and their status cannot grant them this opportunity.

Anyone interested in climbing cannot even think of any other destination in Uganda other than Mabira forest. It is the only place in East Africa where zip-lining can be done. The place has certified equipment that meets all safety standards brought in by a peace corps volunteer  from the United states of America who also trained the Ugandans that run this place in safety for the visitors that zip-line above the rain forest tree tops.

The place is open for zip lining from 8am to noon and then resumes from 1pm to 6pm. To anyone visiting the eastern region, it is one place to always consider in your itinerary