Freshness, scenic beauty, adventure, aromas of blossoming flowers and epic narratives of the ancient tales are some of the things that define gardens. With an enhancement in what meets the eye lies a diversity of color unveiled by the different plant species that are rare to our day to day sight.

A couple of stakeholders have taken an initiative to put several gardens in place, unfortunately the spirit  behind most of the establishments is often events and meetings. These kind of gardens often have the best to offer in terms of scenic beauty however when it comes to environmental ecology, they are a disaster to nature.

Scenic beauty 

Often at times, hotels and motels  have the best to offer in terms of gardens with the best in terms of scenic beauty. These kind of  gardens are commonly enhanced with a swimming pool for those who love swimming and sunbathing. Serena Hotel, Munyonyo commonwealth Resort and Sherlaton Hotel, olive gardens hotel are some of the hotels that have amazing gardens in terms of scenic beauty

There are also places around the country that carry the tag name of gardens. These are commonly bars and event grounds. They usually offer space to wedding receptions, graduation parties, introductions among other  events.

Unfortunately most of the scenic gardens are un-appealing because they often lack a sense of uniqueness. Landscape companies often offer plants without proper landscaping which makes most of  the gardens look similar, however this is not in any way to imply that there are no hotels, and lodges that offer appealing scenic beauty.

Botanical Gardens

To anyone who loves nature, Uganda is an appealing destination offering a wide range of gardens in their natural form. Enhanced by countless monkeys and bird species, makes these kind of gardens a must visit.

There are several botanical gardens that you can visit while in Uganda. Plan a trip to one of the Uganda’s beautiful and informative botanic gardens using our quick guide as your starting point. Here is a listing of the most intriguing and educational botanic gardens to visit in Uganda.