Moroto is a town in northeastern Uganda, lying west of Mount Moroto. It is the ‘chief town’ of Moroto District and the district headquarters are located there. The district was named after the town.

Moroto is located approximately 272 kilometres (169 mi), by road, northeast of Mbale. The coordinates of the town are:01 31 48N, 34 40 12E (Latitude:2.5300; Longitude:34.6700). The 2002 national census estimated the population of Moroto at 7,380. In 2008, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics estimates the population of the town at 10,300.

MOROTO TOWN AND SURROUNDING AREAS Mount Moroto lies in the extreme east of Uganda and is the most accessible place to see some of the dry northeastern “specials”, many at the western edge of their rangers here in karamoja province. One of the chains of volcanoes along the Kenyan border that begins with Mount Elgon in the south and includes Mount kadam and Morungole, Moroto is a forest reserve protecting a range of habitats from arid thorn savanna to dry montane forest. Although along hike is required to reach the higher areas excellent arid thorn savanna and rocky slope are accessible from the town at the foot the mountain.

District: Moroto Size : 483 km excluding surrounding areas

Elevation: 920-308m a.s.l.

Habitat: Dry Combretum and Acacia savanna, dry montane forest.

Status: Forest Reserve and public land

Timing: year round

Time required: 1-2days

Bird recorded : 225 species

Key Species: Stone Partridge , Black-Headed Plover , White –bellied Go-away Bird, Jackson’s Horn bill, Hemprich’s Hornbill , Silverbird, Grey –headed and Pygmy Batises , Bristle-crowned and superb Starling , eastern Violet –backed sunbird , White headed Buffalo weaver , Purple Grenadier and straw-tailed whydah . Please note that on your birding trip, you may need birding binoculars, an othinology book for better indentification of Uganda birds.