5 Best Wildlife Safari Destinations in Uganda

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February 13, 2019
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5 Best Wildlife Safari Destinations in Uganda

If your dream has always been to get the best of Africa’s most outstanding safari experiences then it is high time you achieved it. Uganda is that one unique destination in Africa that is worth exploring. It features varied natural wonders right from its dense misty forests, wildlife snowcapped mountains, Lakes, savannas a mention but a few. For exceptional wildlife experiences, below are some incredible destinations for you to pay a visit in Uganda.

1. Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is Uganda’s one most famous parks and expansive savanna grassland protected area. It is one of the best destinations for you to catch a glimpse at varied savanna wildlife and forest dwellers. Its distinct floral and faunal species is what makes it a few most scenic destinations in Africa. Queen Elizabeth National Park is situated in western Uganda and covers an area of about 1978 square kilometers. It mainly offers refuge to wildlife species like buffaloes, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions plus the rare tree climbing lions, antelopes, over 620 bird species thus making it a few rare destinations with diverse natural wonders.

Queen Elizabeth National Park also hosts the Kyambura Gorge one of the best places to see chimpanzees in Uganda. There is one session for travelers interested in a primate safari in the gorge and the walk to see these chimpanzees start at 8.00Am every morning.

2. Murchison Falls National Park

This is Uganda’s largest park with area coverage of about 3840 square kilometers. It boasts of its diverse wildlife species including the 76 mammal species and over 451 bird species. This was established in 1952 to offer refuge to its incredible wildlife species like buffaloes, lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, hartebeests, birds like white browed sparrow weaver, weaver birds, swamp flycatcher, Denham’s bustard, red throated bee-eater, Abyssinian ground hornbill, silver bird, shoebill stork a mention but a few. The notable activities for you to take part in this park include game drives, launch trip, bird watching, and top of the falls hike, hiking/nature walks, hot air balloon tours and others. Murchison Falls National Park is about 4 to 5 hours’ drive away from Kampala.

3. Lake Mburo National Park

This is situated within Kiruhura district western Uganda. If you are in Kampala and you are interested in wildlife safari, this is the most accessible park for you to meet your dreams. It is about 4 hours’ drive from Kampala city center. This magnificent savanna grassland park features one of the largest lakes in the pearl of Africa-Lake Mburo and it covers an area of about 371 square kilometers. It is a home to diverse wildlife species including zebras, elands, impalas, Topis, water bucks, hippos, hyenas, reedbuck, leopard, over 350 bird species and many others. This is the most accessible safari destination in Uganda and ideal for bird watching, boat cruise, nature walks, horseback riding, game drives and many others.

4. Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park straddles in the extreme northeastern side of Uganda and expands for about 1442 square kilometers. It is isolated park but comes with lots of magical natural wonders. If you are interested in exotic wilderness experiences then a visit to this park is worth it.  It inhabits big game, over 475 bird species, 77 mammal species among others. The notable wildlife species to sight here include lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, ostriches, Karamoja apalis, yellow billed shrikes, brown rumped bunting, Abyssinian ground a mention but a few. It is perfect for hiking or scenery viewing, game drives, cultural encounters, nature walks and others.

5. Semuliki Valley National Park

This is another true wilderness paradise Uganda has in offer for its world travelers. This park spans across the floor of the Semuliki valley along the remote western side of Rwenzori. It is largely dominated by the easternmost extension of the mighty Ituri forest of the Congo basin. Ideally, it features one of the oldest and bio-diverse forests in Africa that also feature among a few that survived the last ice age. This park is popular not only for its powerful hot springs but also diverse wildlife. The best safari activities for you to take part in this park include game drives, chimpanzee tracking, nature walks among others.

In conclusion, Uganda feature several most spectacular destinations that are worth exploring while you are on safari in Africa. Each of them offers unique experiences. While on Uganda safari, the above should be a must to explore but there are also many others for you to add on bucket list including Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Kibale National Park, Rwenzori National Park and others.

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