Choosing a Car Rental Company to Use in Uganda

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Choosing a Car Rental Company to Use in Uganda

Car renters always look at different factors before hiring a car. For your travels in Uganda here are some important facts that you should look at when choosing a car for your next trip. The answers are, in alphabetical order, the:

  • age of the fleet; Please note that most car rentals in Uganda offer cars that are from 1995 models but have proved to be more effective and easier to maintain.
  • convenience of the collection points;
  • quality of the service;
  • range of choice between different makes and models;
  • rental rates for the different makes and models;
  • reliability of the vehicles and their state on collection; and
  • transparency of the pricing — no sudden additional charges and fees.

Because of their size and the number of locations throughout so many countries, these three are also flexible in one-way rentals, i.e. you don’t have to return the vehicle to the original collection point, but can drop it off at any designated point.

Car Rental Agencies

There are several car rental agencies offering car hire in Uganda.

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