Road Safety Tips for Uganda Visitors

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February 17, 2019
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Road Safety Tips for Uganda Visitors

Planning a self drive in Uganda? Do you know the road safety and regulations to be followed while on a safari in Uganda? Like any destination, Uganda equally has governing law for all travelers on safari in the country. This means that you have to be well versed with the governing law to avoid being taken unaware by the traffic police. There is no need to behave like you are ignorant about a defense in Uganda court room. The road safety in Uganda is governed by the traffic and road safety act of 1970.

Driving in Uganda is on the left hand side of the road. The general speed limit on national highways is 100 kilometers per hour and 65 kilometers per hour in urban places.

This also means that you need to have your local or international driving permit prior driving a vehicle in Uganda.

You need to be careful while driving on Uganda roads and take note of the following;

  • Inter city transportation in Uganda is largely by small van or bus. Most drivers of these cars may have less training and at times they are reckless. Minivans and large buses are usually poorly kept, as well traveling at the high speed and are the principal cars involved in the many deadly single and multi car accidents on Uganda routes.
  • Accident victims have included foreign visitors traveling in minivans and personal vehicles, passengers on motorcycles largely famous as boda-bodas and pedestrians. Big trucks on the highways are usually overloaded without enough space for the luggage and poor braking system. Always keep a distance away from buses and heavy trucks.
  • Alcohol is consequently leading to most road accidents specifically at night. You are encouraged to be extra careful while driving on Uganda roads at night given that there are more drunkards driving along the roads. Please note that most Uganda Car rentals do not allow driving beyond 7.00pm and driving at night is not allowed.
  • Pedestrians usually walk along the roads and may not be seeing the motorists. Large branches or rocks in the road at times show the upcoming obstructions or any other hazards. Note that highway travel at night is highly dangerous including the road between Entebbe Airport and Kampala.
  • In most cases, traffic accidents attract lots of people. Ugandan law requires that the drivers stop and exchange information and help any injured person.
  • At times where serious injury has take place, there is the likelihood of mob justice. During this kind of occurrence, most Ugandans do not risk getting out their vehicles but rather drive to the closest police station to report the accident, and you too can do so.

In conclusion, the road safety and regulation aims at enhancing visitor or passenger safety while on road. Following the above details will help save you from accidents while on a self drive or guided safari to most of Uganda’s remotest national parks or adventure sites.

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