Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area

Uganda, dubbed the Pearl of Africa is a home to several Wildlife Reserves but some of them are unknown and are not always added by tour operators to the itineraries of places to be explored and one of such Reserves is the Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area (KCWMA).

Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area is a Protected Area within North-eastern Uganda and was established in 2002 as a way of involving communities in protecting the unique wildlife species within the Karamoja sub-region. It lies within the northern Acacia-Commiphora bushlands and dense thickets ecosystems and is part of the vast Kidepo valley National Park critical landscape. This Conservation Area extends for 956 square kilometers (369 square miles) but faces a number of challenges that mainly include wildlife poaching, unsustainable use of natural resources by the surrounding local communities through charcoal burning and lack of sufficient infrastructures for eco-tourists inform of Safari Lodges or Camps.

Wildlife species within Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area (KCWMA

Much as it is rare and receives few visitors compared to its counterparts (such as Pian Upe, Bokora Corridor and Matheniko Wildlife Reserves) within the Karamoja sub-region, it is a haven to a number of wildlife species that include buffaloes, topis, elephants (totaling to over 2000), cheetahs, blue monkeys, leopards, Giant forest hogs, vervet monkeys, giraffes, warthogs, Uganda Kobs, waterbucks and bushbucks among others.

Best Time to Visit Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area (KCWMA

There is no strict time for visiting this Reserve because it can be explored all year round. However, tourists always prefer the dry season (from June to September and October to November) because during such times, wildlife species tend to gather at water points hence offering better chances for game viewing. Because the roads leading to the site are murram, they become muddy and slippery during the rainy season hence the reason most tourists avoid visiting during such uncomfortable times.

Accommodation Facilities/Places to Stay within the Wildlife Management Area

There are no Safari Lodges or Tented Camps within this Wildlife Reserve, hence tourists from far places or those that are just interested in spending overnights to explore the entire beauty of the site have to book for Hotels within the nearby Towns of Moroto and Kaabong. Due to the lack of accommodation facilities, the Reserve receives few visitors because most tourists would rather explore the other Reserves in the country such as Katonga and Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserves.

Therefore, even with no accommodation facilities and the many challenges affecting Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area (KCWMA) such as poaching and encroachment by surrounding communities, it never disappoints visitors with its exceptional attractions especially wildlife and birds.