Travel by road:

Driving in Uganda is enjoyable and is really the best way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, vegetation and wildlife. Ordinance maps that are good and updated can be got from the Department of the Surveyor General in Entebbe and the Uganda Tourist Board in Kampala. Finding your way around the country is no problem at all. You can obtain country, regional, and street maps of major cities and towns.

Uganda Motorists association also provides excellent maps detailing all the major roads and distances between major centres. Uganda boasts some of the longest tarmacked roads in East Africa about 6,230 kms (3870miles).

The 22,100kms (13,730miles) of the secondary and dirt roads are very motorable, although they become muddy and slippery during the rainy seasons (March-April and October-November). Only four-wheel vehicles can be trusted to make the journey with some ease. Driving is on the left hand side like in the United Kingdom.

Self Guided Tours in Uganda

Whenever who think about traveling the next journey, think about car rental to ease your transport means wherever you wish to go. Uganda is a place where you will enjoy self drive if you like to be behind the wheels of the car. Your car rental in Uganda will go beyond self drive to places you have never been, meeting different people on your way and learning many things with people you meet alongside the self drive trip in Uganda. Self drive in Uganda is one of the car rental services that has been on the mouth of most travelers to Uganda. They wonder how it can be to drive in Uganda and the imagination of roads being narrow. Being the pearl of Africa, Uganda has everything that travelers are attracted to use Uganda’s car rental and opt for self drive services for their holiday vacation. Below are the reasons why Uganda is an ideal place for self drive.

Uganda’s Car Rental Vehicles

The cars meant for hire for self drive in Uganda are all maintained in good conditions from time to time. This maintenance removes the insufficient of scarcity of cars for hire. This ensures that they are readily available at a time you order or book a car to serve you on your trip. The cars are 4x4WD, high ground clearance ready to move through hard to reach areas like valleys during rainy season and in mountainous areas like Kabale named the switzland of Africa. Inside the cars are equipped with emergency tools to help you in case of a mechanical problem, the cars are also installed with the music system to entertain on your journey however you should tune to the volume that will not disrupt your focus while driving. You should know that most used cars in Uganda are imported from Japan. The major cars used for self drive are the Toyota Rav4 and the Toyota Land cruiser, other cars include the sedan cars, customized vans extended Toyota land cruiser and the Nissan Patrols.

The roads of Uganda

Though narrow in some areas, Uganda’s major roads are well maintained through the year. Travelers, who like self drive, drive with ease and comfortably. The roads are well marked with signposts and directions to show directions   and distance covered on their journey. Uganda’s traffic rules are easy to apprehend too like do not over speed, do not over load and drive on the left. The reason as to why Uganda drives on the left is that it colonized by Britain.

Uganda’s attractive places

With many activities to do on self drive, Uganda has many attractive places to visit that you will leave to wonder like in the national parks, sanctuaries, engaging with the local people and visiting the game reserves. The major item as to why travelers come to Uganda is the fauna they find in the national parks. The gorillas are the animals to see reason being that they have 98% human genes. They do almost what humans do and Uganda hosts two thirds of the world’s population. The local people are friendly to people and when who are self drive journey you will hear a common Luganda word “Uganda Zaabu” literally meaning that Uganda is Gold hence the best ideal place for self drive.

Lastly, whenever you think of travelling the world, think of Uganda and enjoy self drive trip with Uganda has trusted car rental companies.