There are lots of things to do in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Things to do in the pearl of Africa stand as one of the most unique things to do in the world. You will not miss to participate in most interesting activities like gorilla trekking which the country is mostly known for. The activity only is also found in three countries which are all found in Eastern Africa. Uganda has also hidden gems that most people do not know about which include; best African safaris and great lake region. This is one of the reasons why Uganda is referred to as the pearl of Africa.

Uganda is gifted with all kinds of wildlife both fauna and flora and many people have not realized all what the country has to provide unless you visit the country. In the capital city Kampala, will make you feel like you are in outside countries such as Asia or any Arab country because you will be in position to see many electronic shops in every corner of the city. The Ugandan people who belong to different ethnic groupings including; the Baganda, Basoga, Ankole, Banyoro and the people of Tooro are too friendly. To the Eastern part we have the Bagisu, Basamia, Banyole, Bagwere and the Itesots. The integration of Uganda within the Eastern community that is Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda has made a great deal for tourism development in the country.

Gorilla Trekking

A safari in the pearl of Africa would not be complete without trekking the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National park. These two parks have make Uganda to become the best place to go gorilla trekking since it has the greatest number of gorillas in the world are found in these two parks. Gorilla tracking is the most popular adventure activity done in Uganda.

Gorilla Permits are required here and should preferably be booked very early, as only a few permits are available. To prevent the gorillas from being disturbed, only a few tourists are allowed to go close to the animals each day. A permit allows you to spend an hour observing a group of the endangered mountain gorilla in their natural environment. The UWA manages the sale of permits, each of which costs several hundred US dollars.

Trekking of Chimpanzees

Trekking of Chimpanzees is an additional activity to gorilla trekking in Uganda. These chimpanzees can be tracked in most forest within the country including Kibale forest national park, Kyambura gorge in queen Elizabeth National park and Budongo forest.

Kampala- The capital City

Kampala City is Uganda’s capital city and when in the city, one feels like he/she is in Africa with an Asian flare. The capital is the center of everything to do in the country. Kampala has a variety of restaurants which always try new things and are very pleasing to tourists. Other things to experience while in the city include; boda boda ride or motorcycle ride. Do not to forget to check out the churches while in Kampala, The Bahai Temple and the museums in the city.

White water Rafting

River Nile which is the longest river in the world starts in Uganda and offers opportunity for white water rafting to tourists. When you are in Uganda, make sure that you check out for white water rafting and opportunities which last anywhere from the from the afternoon for 3 days.

The Lake Victoria

The things to participate in Uganda cannot be complete without a little rest and relaxation along Lake Victoria. The lake provides a number of beaches that rest on Islands and will take a take a tourist approximately 8 hours to get there.