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Gastronomical Holiday in Uganda

They say that life is all about the little things. When is the last time you took a little time off? I don’t mean time off like a day or week of leave from work;

I mean just a little time off your schedule or your daily routine.

Having the same exact routine is just as boring & draining as having a fixed diet. And I refer to the most important meal of the day, which is breakfast. Wouldn’t you want your next breakfast to be an experience different from the ordinary? Our taste buds too are entitled to traveling and touring just as much as our minds & bodies are refreshed by a safari or a road trip out of town.

There is a place in Kampala where you can feed your mind, body and soul while taking them for a brief holiday in a single serving. Using nothing more than words, allow me to take you there. Come and treat your soul and arouse your senses to a delightful blend of freshly baked pastry aromas while you discover a whole new range of authentic rich tastes against a distant musical backdrop of Kampala’s bustling traffic. Have you had a long day at work? Was your week hectic? All that could be changed by a cold pint over some hot wings, spare goat ribs, or pork chops while you review your report or make plans for the night or the week ahead.

Perhaps you would like to just wash down a hot espresso with a thick slice of black forest or a croissant as you tear it apart and dig into the day’s newspaper. Maybe you need to meet that prospection neutral ground, be it a business or personal meeting –then La Patisserie is here to meet you halfway there. I mean, where else in this restless crowded city of Kampala can you get the opportunity to design your own sandwich and customize it from the bread right down to the dressing being sure that not a single speck of dust found its way into your recipe? With our mouth-wateringly wide array of both local and imported cheese options to choose from, various premium meats like turkey, chicken &ham, not forgetting a decent selection of salads & vegetables for the vegans, we are truly sandwich heaven. Don’t wonder why our fries, burgers, gelatos, and mochas are famous & distinct, it is because we source quality organic local produce right from the coffee beans to the eggs, milk, and wheat that we use in our bakery.

So be sure that you will taste something authentic every time you make a selection on our menu. What are you waiting for? Listen to your heart. Pick up your phone and follow up that lead! Call up that date or that prospect, spoil your family or your friends, or just give yourself that little much-needed time off and a break away from the usual diet, the work routine, and the already crowded cafe scene, La Patisserie is the place to be. Trust me, a mini holiday awaits you and your taste buds. See you there!

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