Things to See

The distinctive attraction of Uganda as a tourist destination arises out of the variety of its game stock and its unspoiled scenic beauty. Within a relatively limited space of just over 250,000 square kilometres, Uganda offers an interesting contrast ranging from the wide East African plains and expansive savannah grasslands to the impenetrable, mountain rain forests and snow peaked mountains in the south western parts of the country.

Uganda offers a wide range of bird species and wild range in addition to numerous opportunities for mountain climbing and water sports such as a white water rafting.
Uganda generally has substantial natural resources for tourism with a variety of landscape and ecosystems, climates and cultures. Some of its features are outstanding by international standards such as the sheer variety of bird species, while others are unique. Uganda’s eco-systems and cultural diversity are unaltered and unspoilt by modern commercial influences. Numbers of visitors are small and therefore the Ugandan experience has novelty and rarity values not easily found elsewhere in Africa.

Must See Attractions in Uganda

There are lots of things to see in Uganda. Uganda’s attractions range from natural to cultural attractions and historical landmarks that have been well preserved for the present and future generations. Here are some of the best things to see in Uganda given that the list is endless!

Mountain Gorillas

Seeing gorillas is largely considered one of the best wildlife adventure experiences in the world. Visitors are led by guides and taken into the forest hiking on foot searching for the gorillas. This experience itself is amazing in addition to seeing gorillas face to face and also gets to interact with your expert local guide to learn more about the gorillas. For a limited time though, tourists can spend 1 hour seeing and taking photographs of gorillas. Because of the thick vegetation and step terrain, hiking can be challenging so pack items which are appropriate to dress for the jungles.

Gorilla tracking remains the Number 1 attraction that most tourists look for in Uganda. The mountain gorillas are found in the forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a UNESCO heritage site and Mgahinga National Park in South Western Uganda.
There are about 1000 gorillas in the world of which over 400 gorillas (almost half of their numbers) are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Within Bwindi, 14 gorilla families are habituated for tourism.

Mountain gorillas are great apes sharing 98.3% of their DNA with humans. And they are endangered because of human threats such as habitat loss due to encroachment, spread of infectious diseases, poaching and conflicts. Conserving these primates is one major reason gorilla trekking safaris were introduced in Bwindi in 1993.

Chimpanzees in kibale forest national park
Kibale forest national park has the highest density of primates and the park is known as a primate capital of the world for that reason. There are over 1000 chimpanzees and 12 species of primates. Chimps share almost 98.7 % of their DNA with humans. As man’s closest relative, chimps are a top attraction in Uganda. Tourists want to see how they behave and therefore go to Kibale forest for chimpanzee trekking or chimpanzee habituation experience. Several groups of chimpanzees are habituated for tourists to visit in the wild. Many species of primates are also spotted when you for nature walks in the park or outside at Bigodi wetland sanctuary.

Queen Elizabeth national park
Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the few places in Africa to spot the tree climbing lions. The park is also a favorite among travelers in Uganda because of wildlife and beautiful scenery of the East African rift valley.

Kazinga channel offer boat cruises to view many hippos and Nile crocodiles. Game drives offer classic wildlife viewing including sightings of lion, leopard, Uganda, elephant, buffalo, warthog and more 600 species of birds make Queen Elizabeth a prime bird watching destination.