Invest in Tourism

One of the  things that sustained the Roman empire for a long period of time was the unmatched leisure time the empire offered to its subjects. Leisure/ Tourism is a tool that enhances someone’s thinking patterns due to their interaction with the unfamiliar environment. Through Tourism, an individual has  the opportunity to conquer their fears  through participating in Adeline activities such as white  water rafting, zip-lining, Bungee jumping and a lot  more fear conquering expeditions . However, beyond simply experiencing the thrill of Ugandan tourism, you might also consider investing in the same industry.

Tourism contributes $1.2bn to Uganda’s GDP, making it the country’s second largest export. The Ugandan government named the tourism sector as one of its “Primary Growth Drivers of the Economy” and recently unveiled a Presidential Initiative for Sustainable Tourism. UTB and the Ugandan government are committed to promoting the future of Ugandan tourism through aggressive marketing along with the effective management and preservation of the country’s national parks.

The last year has brought significant international awareness to Uganda’s exciting tourist destinations. Uganda’s wildlife viewing, birding and hiking were recognized in major publications such as National Geographic, CNN, and the country was named “Number One Destination for 2012” by Lonely Planet. As interest in Uganda grows, UTB recognizes even more need to invest in tourism infrastructure to meet future demand.

UTB is available to support investors and partners in developing accommodations, tour operations, wildlife management and other projects in and around the 10 national parks to offer lucrative business opportunities in this emerging tourism hotspot.

Investment partnerships are a key part of UTB’s strategy for the sustainable, medium and long-term growth of tourism in Uganda in order to meet the growing market demands of international travelers.

Though the tourism industry is the second leading contributer to the Ugandan economy, less than 1%  (~260,000) of Uganda’s population is directly employed in this industry, this implies that it is still a virgin industry to invest in.

Tourism Attractions

There are mainly eight tourism attractions in Uganda; Gorillas which can be found in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National  park, Kazinga channel which is located in Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls National park, the snow capped peaks of Rwenzori Mountain, Kibale forest National park, the source of the Nile and mountain Elgon national park

Many Ugandans are starting to embrace leisure, previously the music industry was struggling because it was only a few people who used to go for music events. In the early 2000s, you would have one Music concert once in 2 months but today, there are almost music performances on each day of the week. This implies that many Ugandans are today are embracing leisure.

There is still need to develop new tourism and leisure centers in different areas of the country. Sport based leisure centers are still lacking yet many Ugandans desire to go for sport based leisure to enhance their health and build relationships.

Uganda is still lacking in leisure parks, thus investing in such centers with the Ugandan culture concept will not only attract people who are interested  in exploring the Ugandan Culture but also enjoying the breathtaking Ambiance of the park. However this calls for paying the price of being a pioneer in the market thus negotiating for a tax holiday may do

Besides investing in new tourism ventures, you may also consider investing in the already existing businesses, such as lodges near the main tourism centers, restaurants, craft shops among other ventures. With good marketing, branding, and architecture with friendly prices, you are guaranteed success in the few years time.

When investing in these  ventures, you must first consider  your target market, that is; whether you are focusing on foreign tourists or local tourists. This will help you identify where to focus all your marketing force to get the desired results. Tourism is a wide industry in which several people have hit shipwreck because of joining the industry without proper analysis of the market while others do not give their businesses an opportunity to grow by its self, and others face poor management issues thus putting all  these factors in perspective will help you make proper analysis on how to start and where to start from.

Lastingly inquiring from a tourism consultant will put you on a higher ground to get a proper view  of the industry before deciding on where to invest