The Service Providers:

Post Bus:
Is operated by Uganda Post Ltd. It delivers mail and passengers. It is a scheduled service departing from Kampala Main post office daily at for major towns nationwide. Comparatively reliable service.

Country Buses “Coaches”
These are privately owned buses which connect Kampala with major towns and criss-cross the country. They operate from downtown Kampala. There are at least 4 buses on the major routes on a daily basis. The fares range from shs 10,000 to 20,000 depending on the destination.

Commuter Taxi
These are 14 seater mini-buses locally called “Kamunye”. They are marked with a blue checkered band and the letter “T” on both front doors.
They dominate the entire transport system in Kampala and countrywide. They normally operate from the two main taxi terminals, the old and new taxi parks. They are non-scheduled and depart when filled up. Fares in and around Kampala city range from sh300 -500 for a one-way trip but the operators hike the fares at peak hours regardless of distance.

For city services, it is advisable to tender the exact fee whenever possible to avoid inconveniences. Destinations are displayed on the front windscreens but the bystanders, conductors and guides dressed in overcoats can be useful. Otherwise touts shout out various destinations. For long distance or country travel, medium size buses are recommended on account of reasonable speed.

Motorcycle Taxis “Bodaboda”
These motorcycle taxis locally known as “Bodaboda” have gained importance in rural and urban travel. They are mostly common in areas where taxis do not operate. Their fares range between shillings 500-1000.

These in Uganda are generally called special hire taxis, special in short. In towns they are marked with black or white checkered bands with letter S on both front doors. In Kampala the fares range from sh3000 to 5000 depending on the distance, negotiating skill and waiting time. Wealthy, foreign appearances and women are usually charged higher fares. Trying out other taxis will help you establish a reasonable fare. Airport taxis with yellow bands charge sh25,000 for a one-way trip from Entebbe airport to Kampala.