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First Timers’ Guide to Renting a Car in Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda for the first time can be an exciting and challenging experience. It can be fun to drive a vehicle, especially when you’re on a Uganda road trip. There are also legalities to understand. When you’re renting a car, there are many factors to consider first: Your budget, where you’re going, how long you’ll need it, and what documentation you’ll need to bring with you.

Cheap Uganda Self Drive known as a local Car Rental company being established in 2018.  Its major aim of establishment is to offer self-drive Safaris and Car Rentals to independent Travelers interested in visiting Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Exploring Africa on your own is one of the most dreams everyone would wish to achieve.

Cheap Uganda Self Drive has a complete and wide range of car rental, ranging from 4×4 hire, and Roof top car rental, chauffeur and transfer services across East Africa for Self-drive Travelers and Independent Traveler. We also offer wedding transportation, and airport transfers.

In case you need a car with rooftop tent accommodation and camping gears that you can use to enjoy the Unique, experiential, exclusive, opulent journeys & much more please you are at the sources, just make an inquiry we shall provide!

Renting a car in Uganda is convenient. Self-drive safari gives one freedom to explore on his/her own and as well driving on one’s pace at a time. However, there are various factors you should first consider before renting a car. Requirements and fees may vary depending on the car rental company. You should also decide on the type, class and size of the vehicle, as this may also affect the cost of your car rental.

So below are some important facts you need to know before renting a car in Uganda.

Minimum age requirement

Many rental car companies in Uganda have minimum age requirements for their vehicles. Typically, you must be at least 18-years-old. That said, drivers as young as 18 may be allowed depending on state laws.

Documentary requirements

You need to present certain documents like a valid driver’s license and an active credit/debit card or check for payment. Some rental companies may also require a good driving record.

Rental rates vary

With car rental, there are varying factors affecting the cost of a car rental. These include the type, class and size of the vehicle, age of the renter, length of the rental, choice of car renting company and location.

Car insurance coverage

When you rent a car in Uganda, you must consider the implications of theft or an accident while in your possession. Car insurance coverage protects you from unexpected expenses, but you should know if your policy covers rentals and its limitations. If it doesn’t cover rental cars, the rental company has options you can purchase for that case.

How Does the Car Rental Process Work?

The car rental process is fairly easy. You book the type of car you need, provide your documentation and pay. But, there are other considerations you should know and steps you may need to complete.

For example, you must have a valid driver’s license. Rental companies typically have a minimum age requirement of 18. It’s a good idea to understand rental cost calculations, how pick-ups and returns, how long it takes to rent a car and the different types of insurance suitable for rental cars.

How Much Does Renting a Car Cost?

Various factors affect the rental cost, including the driver’s age, length of rental, location and type of car. There may also be hidden fees and additional charges, such as airport charges and cancellation fees.

Current events may also have an impact on prices. For instance, rates have recently hit an all-time high. The pandemic highly affected the travel industry, and with the shortage in 2021, the availability of rental cars was also affected. Prices rose because the supply couldn’t keep up with the growing demand.

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Top 10 Activities To Do In Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park, situated in Uganda, is an awe-inspiring destination renowned for its abundant wildlife and captivating natural beauty. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a nature lover, Murchison Falls offers an array of unforgettable experiences.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 things to do in Murchison Falls National Park, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this remarkable African gem.

Witness the Mighty Murchison Falls

Prepare to be mesmerized by the remarkable sight of the Nile River forcefully cascading through a narrow 7-meter-wide gorge, creating the iconic Murchison Falls. Take a boat ride to the base of the falls, where you can feel the sheer power and majesty of nature up close.

Embark on a Thrilling Game Drive

Set off on an exhilarating safari game drive through Murchison Falls’ diverse landscapes, including sweeping savannahs, lush woodlands, and picturesque riverbanks. Encounter a rich array of wildlife, including elephants, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, and an assortment of antelope species.

Enjoy a Scenic Nile River Cruise

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Nile River with a leisurely boat cruise. Delights in the abundant wildlife that thrives along the riverbanks, such as hippos, crocodiles, and a myriad of bird species. Keep an eye out for the elusive shoebill stork, a rare and remarkable avian creature.

Visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

En route to Murchison Falls, take a detour to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a haven for the endangered white rhinoceros. Embark on a guided walk to observe these magnificent creatures up close, contributing to their conservation efforts while gaining insight into the significance of rhino conservation in Uganda.

Hike to the Top of the Falls

Embark on an invigorating guided hike to the summit of Murchison Falls. As you ascend, relish the stunning panoramic views of the Nile River and the surrounding landscapes. This experience presents excellent opportunities for photography and allows you to appreciate the raw natural beauty of the area.

Explore the Pristine Budongo Forest

Venture into Budongo Forest, an integral part of Murchison Falls National Park, famed for its thriving population of chimpanzees. Embark on a guided chimpanzee trekking experience, where you’ll have the opportunity to observe these intelligent primates in their natural habitat, along with other fascinating forest inhabitants.

Discover the Enchanting Paraa Delta

Embark on a scenic boat ride through the Paraa Delta, a captivating area where the Nile River converges with Lake Albert. Traverse through lush vegetation, encounter diverse birdlife, and keep an eye out for wildlife sightings. The delta offers a serene and picturesque setting for nature enthusiasts.

Birdwatching Extravaganza

For bird lovers, Murchison Falls National Park is a paradise teeming with over 450 bird species. Keep your binoculars at hand and marvel at the colorful array of avian life, including the rare and elusive shoebill stork, which can be spotted in the park’s wetland areas.

Relaxation at the Nile Delta

Indulge in moments of pure tranquility at the Nile Delta, where the Victoria Nile merges with Lake Albert. Unwind amidst the serene atmosphere, bask in the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, and witness breathtaking sunsets over the water. It’s an ideal spot for rejuvenation and reflection.

Engage in Authentic Cultural Encounters

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the local communities surrounding Murchison Falls. Engage in cultural interactions, learn about traditional customs, and visit nearby villages to experience the vibrant local way of life firsthand. These encounters add a unique dimension to your Murchison Falls adventure.

For anyone seeking a more relaxed and flexible holiday in Murchison falls national park, hiring a car for self-drive is a recommended option. You can hire a car in Entebbe or Kampala at market-friendly rates.

Murchison Falls National Park offers an extraordinary blend of wildlife encounters, captivating natural wonders, and cultural exploration. Whether you’re marveling at the thunderous falls, embarking on thrilling game drives, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Murchison Falls will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your safari experience.

Remember to plan your trip thoughtfully, seek the guidance of experienced guides and park authorities, and embrace the beauty and diversity that awaits you in this remarkable Ugandan wilderness.

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4 Long-Drive Road Trips not to Miss in Uganda

Are you ready to experience Uganda differently? Have you booked your 4×4 rental car in Uganda that you are to use during your expedition? Wondering where to go and which trip to take? Here are the best 4 long drive road trips that you should look at;

Jinja is the first destination when thinking about having a road trip in Uganda. The town is famous as the historic source of the Nile River, and this town is the adrenaline capital of East Africa. you will get a fix of the white water rafting, Kayaking, Quad biking, mountain biking as well as riding in the natural setting with the colonial architecture. You will find the Bujagali hydroelectric project that has reduced some rapids on the river. The activities that can be carried out in Jinja include; White water rafting on the Nile and it’s so famous to the travelers since they get to adventure into the great rapids on the source of the Nile. There is kayaking which is also an alternative to rafting and here you can go solo and kayak through the raging river or take a more leisurely paddle on the flat waters. You can enjoy boating that can be enjoyed on the source of the Nile as you visit the islands along the way.

The other destination for a road trip is Eastern Uganda; not only the great scenery but eastern Uganda is also a must-visit destination especially for a road trip safari in Uganda. Here the mighty Nile begins its epic journey north. You will enjoy mountain Elgon which is famous for mountain hiking as well as the viewing of the Sipi falls. This region also offers a charming and friendly base on the shores of Lake Victoria where the travelers can spend a few days or more as they enjoy the chilled atmosphere. The main attractions in this region that you will enjoy on your road trip include;  Ngamba Island common for the chimpanzees, Source of the Nile, Mpanga forest reserve, Mountain Elgon national park, Nyero rock painting as well as Makanaga wetland.

The road trip to Uganda won’t be complete without visiting the Northern part of Uganda. This is mainly a journey to the Karamong people who live in Kidepo National Park. This is a two to the three-day journey that takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in the country. You get to enjoy the plains filled with tall jagged peaks and fields ablaze with the sunflowers. You will enjoy the Karamojong people. This is the main highlight of the journey for most of the pastoral herders that are known for their traditional dress.

As you drive from Kampala to Kidepo, the best spot to have an overnight is in Moroto which is the biggest and most prosperous of Karrramoja towns, with leafy streets and many NGOs. There are many activity options here like pastoral villages or traditional herder’s camps, the outdoor adventures as well as the great cultural immersion with the Karamajong through the great programs. You can as well enjoy the guided hiking. Further on in Kotido, a gritty, downtrodden town with a large NGO presence. You can stay at the Kotido Resort, with clean rooms in a secure compound, but it’s best to time it so you can push on. Just outside Kidepo, the village of Kaabong can be an interesting stop to take in the bustling roadside market and perhaps to purchase a plaid blanket to steel you against the chilly evenings of the north.

The western part of Uganda is so great for a road trip, you will get a chance to drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park famous for mountain gorilla trekking. The park has got half the world’s surviving park which is one of East Africa’s most famous national parks. The park also contains famous primates and over 120 species of mammals. you get a chance to see the forest elephants, 11 species of primates, duikers, bushbucks, the African golden cats as well as the rare giant forest hog, as well as the many bird species and insect species.

You can as well have a road trip to Queen Elizabeth national park; this national park is always included on the Ugandan itinerary. You are guaranteed to see very many wildlife species including; giraffes, lions, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, elephants as well as buffaloes. The famous tree-climbing lions in the remote Ishasha sector of the park are a fascinating highlight, but many people also come specifically to see some of the amazing 611 bird species that can be found here. Again in the west, you can enjoy Kibale National Park which is famous for chimpanzee trekking, Ssemuliki national park for birding, the Rwenzori Mountains for mountain climbing, as well as Lake Mburo National Park.

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Everything to Know About Self Drive in Uganda

Valediction the pretexts of Uganda posturing as the pearl of Africa, where all in Africa are wrapped just in this small interior of East Africa. Considering a self-drive in Uganda within the country remains as another thrilling alternative which used currently by many travelers in exploring what this gifted nation has at hand to offer.

Among the man empowering traveling tip is leaving out for a new destination and make explore in your own style. Renting a car for a self-drive offers a lot of freedom and limits stress while on your safari to Uganda, and have not to worry when. Just need to decide on when to travel, which exact touristic destination and which kind of car rental should you use.

This traveling alternative has become so common with solo and group travelers who either aim at exploring the country on their own style or want to save some dollars in their pockets. Self-drive is more concerned about the comfort that the traveler wishing to experience at any offering budget of the travelers. What’s more appealing is for any client getting the service which worthy their money irrespective of how much it can be.

Spotting for the best car rental for self-drive in Uganda

In Uganda there various car rental company that can facilitate your self-drive road trip around the country, and these companies have varieties of vehicles available for hire for various purposes. Ranging from as cheaper as 40$ for budget travelers to about US$250 for luxury travelers. Among the car hire fleets available for self-drive include; Toyota RAV4, Prado Land cruiser TX and V8 and extended.

Getting any of your desired fleet, one has to browse through the endless list of car hire companies at your convenient time. Seated on your computer or with your phone place your inquiry with specification of which vehicle you may need for service. Online booking for car rental is reliable and convenient in Uganda, using websites you remain able to have that still fleet you may need, than bumping into the office of companies.

What is needed to hire a car for self-drive?

For car rentals agencies to let you with their vehicle it’s not a hard journey trail rather one must present legal documentations for the car rentals to let them take the vehicle. Documentation to possess include a valid driving license, no driving license no driving on road and a driver must be at the age of 18 and beyond. Presenting your identification documents in the likes of passports for foreign travelers and identity cards for nationals.

Things to carry for a self-drive in Uganda

Whenever opting to take on a self-drive in Uganda, it’s advisable to note some of the things not to miss on the list of extras to carry to take with a car rental. Here are the list of few thing to include on a self-drive in Uganda; driving permits, have a spare tire, Gps to help in location and route finding, tourist guide map, first aid kit. Also identification documents must always be at hand whenever seated on the steering ID, passport foreigners, visa (tourist visa, visitor’s visa, working visa) respectively. This will always aid to avoid any inconveniences on your self-drive adventure.

Why a self-drive in Uganda?

Self-drive is reliable

After securing that charming car rental fleet then their nothing limiting you. The reliability stands to focus on the capability of the vehicle, but also the embarrassments are limited as one stands to handle everything by themselves.


A decision to rent a car and go for an adventure on a self-drive in Uganda is cheaper. Most of the costs here are bypassed which makes it affordable by even travelers of considerate budget. A self-drive adventure attracts less costs as some travelers even forego lodges costs and go camping gears. Just in the last years many travelers have resorted to unlimited style of traveling by adopting to renting a car and drive their own ways. At a smaller costs of At least US$45 one can be able to rent a 4×4 car and cruise across the country.

Privacy and freedom

After securing the car rental and embark on the journey there is that unlimited joy of privacy and freedom one hold. On a self-drive in Uganda one has the freedom of deciding where to drive, finding your own routes to drive through. It’s something every traveler would hope for, don’t hesitate renting a car and find your own paths of driving.

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Preventing Malaria in Uganda

Avoiding Mosquito Bites and Malaria on Safari in Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa filled with incredible tourist destination with abundant wildlife and different primate species among other attractions. Many travelers visit the country to take gorilla tours to Bwindi Forest as well s wildlife safaris to Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. Mosquitoes are in many parts of East African countries and below are some of the preventive measures on how to avoid mosquito bites and also preventing malaria infections.

  • Anti-malaria Tablets: While on your trip, your advised to carry anti malaria drugs and its better if you see your doctor at home so that he may advise on the best malarial drugs to carry while on your trip. Malarone, Mefloquine or Lariam are some of the anti-malarial drugs however Malarone is very expensive but more effective and Mefloquine is the best to those who may have side effects.
  • Use Mosquito Repellants: you’re also recommended to come along with some excellent mosquito repellents such as Cutter, remember to check the label, its expiry date and also make sure it contains at least 20% DEET. RID is one of the best repellent from Australia because it works on both tsetse flies and mosquitoes, Remember, you should apply the spray in the evening or at night.
  • Use of mosquito Nets: Most of the accommodations in and outside national parks provide mosquito nets, therefore no need of carrying a mosquito net while on the trip. However, you may bring mosquito sprays such as Doom that may assist in repelling the mosquitoes. In most luxury accommodations, sprays such as doom are provided and its best to apply them before going for dinner. You may also use Citronella Candle, available in most supermarkets in Uganda
  • Wear Trousers and Long Sleeved Shirts in the evening and in the dark: It is well known that mosquitoes are mostly active in the night so we advise you to put on long sleeved shirts and trousers in the evening and at night along with the application of sprays and insect repellents.
  • Avoid taking Much sugar: Mosquitoes prefer people with high sugar content in their blood and they are able to smell the sweat of someone with high sugar content in blood. While on a safari, your advised to take little sugar or foods with little sugar so as to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Turn off Unnecessary lights: Most insects are attracted by light of which mosquitoes are inclusive, therefore you’re advised to switch off the unnecessary lights rather than staying on and attract more insects.
  • Avoid Using perfumes and Deodorants: One way of avoiding insects/ mosquitoes is by avoiding the use of deodorants, perfumes and after shave products because their smells attract mosquitoes. This will ensure a safe stay and also have an enjoyable adventurous safari.

300-500 million malarial cases are registered in the world per year of which it is a serious menace in Uganda. A few Ugandan residents can afford malarial preventive measures such as sleeping under mosquito nets. It is only the female mosquito (Anopheles mosquito) that sucks blood from humans and therefore transmitting malaria in Humans. Most people usually say that mosquitoes transmit HIV which is a myth because HIV cannot survive in a mosquito body.

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Guide to Renting a Car in Uganda in 2021

Uganda is undoubtedly one of the most preferred travel destinations in Africa. It boasts itself as a home to diverse wildlife and a boiling pot of cultures. Each year, thousands of travelers confine in Uganda, the pearl of Africa to discover its natural treasures on self-drive or guided safari.

Generally, Uganda is an adventure packed travel destination worth exploring but firstly, how you get around does matter a lot. We have a wide selection of rental cars but there are some amazing things you should know if you plan to hire a car in Uganda in 2021.

Here are important things you should know about renting a car in Uganda in 2021

Book with a reputable and trusted car hire company

Yes, there are hundreds of car hire agencies allover Uganda and East Africa but most important, better to deal with a reputable and trusted one. Not all car rental companies are reliable, honest and there is no reliable ground car hire agency like us. We have been in car hire service for a test of time and never have we disappointed our clients.

Find the right rental car

Like there are hundreds of car hire companies countrywide offering the same service, finding the right rental car also becomes a little challenging. But we are here to guide you in your search and find the right rental car suitable for your Uganda safaris. Our fleet of rental cars are available in different categories ranging from 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Safari Vans, Super Customs, Mini Vans, Sedan cars, Safari Land Cruisers, Toyota Prado TX, TZ, GX to Coaster buses and many more. When choosing a suitable rental car, bear in mind the number of people you plan to get on a Uganda safari trip with. Also, consider the car’s capability to tackle the terrain of particular destination you plan to visit.

Observe the set traffic rules and regulations

The traffic rules and regulations in Uganda may not be tough like it is back in your home country but don’t take them for granted. Failure to observe the stipulated traffic laws on Uganda safari may land you into the hands of traffic police. Read and understand the road signs, observe the speed limits, avoid overtaking, put on your seat belt while on a road trip, have a valid driving permit/passport.

Entrance and parking fees

Entrance to Uganda safari parks requires holiday makers to pay a fee of about $20. This excludes visitors on chimpanzee trekking safari in Kibale Forest National Park, gorilla trekking adventure in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. To have access to local attractions in Uganda in 2021 especially the national museum, Kabaka’s Lake, Uganda martyrs’ shrine at Namugongo, you require $10. These are some of the significant factors that you should put into consideration when planning for a Uganda safari holiday 2021. Book both your Uganda safari and rental cars with us and have the best of your holiday.

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Best Cars to use on a Uganda Safari

Have you ever traveled to Africa particularly Uganda? Or have you ever hired a vehicle from 4×4 Uganda car hire agency, if not its high time you book your safari with us with our self-drive vehicle.

Uganda is one of the best countries to go on safari, this is due to a number of adventurous activities done in Uganda which involves sightseeing, game drive, gorilla and primate trekking, forest walk, launch cruise, birding and also spending overnights in tents and lodges deep in the remote areas, it gives you a true experience on an African safari particularly Uganda.

It should be noted that most of Uganda’s tourist attractions are located in very remote areas at times making access a bit very difficult so it needs a well experience and trained driver to reach these some of very difficult to reach areas of Uganda which are gifted with nice to see attractions. However, this can be very possible with our well serviced 4×4 vehicles that can handle Uganda’s tough roads more so in the remote villages and parks.

If you need a full safari our tour operator can organize one for you, or if you just need to hire from us a vehicle with or without a driver still it’s very okay we have trusted comfortable cars for hire of all type just contact us at we will get back to you very soon. In order to have the wonderful safari, you are recommended to choose the right car that suits your budget plus the number of people you’re traveling with.

For one or two travelers a Toyota Rav 4 is good, however the most suitable include a safari minivan and a safari land cruiser are the best to use. You are always advised to choose the best car that fits the number of people you are traveling with and the tourist destination, for a big group of about 7-10 a safari van is very suitable it has a popup roof which provide a clear view also suitable during a game drive as you will be in position to view various animals from a far distance and also it makes photography so easy. This kind of vehicle has air conditioner, adequate seat row space with a good space for cargo; once you book this car with us a discounted rate can be offered. The price for the safari mini bus in Uganda ranges from 90 to 120 per day but exclude gas/fuel.

A Toyota safari land cruiser is also recommended when on a safaris to Uganda’s remote national parks, since most of the roads leading you to remote areas of Uganda are tough this vehicle is highly recommended to be used, you can hire it with a driver or without a driver. It can accommodate up to 8 people including a driver; it’s regarded as the most comfortable and suitable car to us for rough roads and camping safaris.

It’s well equipped with an air-conditioner, in built fridge, pop-up roof, First kit, 2 spare tyres with a good space for luggages. It has a 35 inch big tyre which allows navigating muddy marram roads in the villages plus tough terrain of the parks. It can access any Conner of Uganda with a lot of easy including crossing borders. We have many of these kind, Hiring this car can go to USD 170 per day with a driver or at USD 150 per day without a driver without fuel.

Most of Ugandan parks are located in the south-western part of Uganda including Kibale forest national park, Bwindi national park, Lake Mburo national park, Semuliki N.P. Lake Bunyonyi, Mgahinga Forest National park, Queen Elizabeth N.P, other Uganda parks include Kidepo valley national in the far northern part of Uganda, Murchison falls national park in the Northeastern part of Uganda, Rwenzori mountain and Mt. Elgon both located in the eastern part of Uganda.

All these Uganda parks alongside other attractions in the remote areas can be well explored in one of these two customized 4×4 safari cars. Whether you want to rent a car with a driver or without, we have plenty of them at a very fare and friendly price, don’t stress yourself looking for these cars just get in touch with us at

We will get back to you ASAP

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How to Attract tourists to Uganda as a Safari destination

Uganda has increasingly become a vacation place for many people worldwide. Uganda is a whole new complexion in the game of travel because it has some unique wildlife species a tourist can never find elsewhere.

Though Uganda has much to encounter, little of it is known by travelers thus making it a very difficult destination to lure a tourist into. The aforementioned problem has crippled Uganda and it is why it is receiving fewer tourists as opposed to its tourism potential.

If you are a tour operator out there, here are some of the tips you can use to attract tourists into a Uganda wildlife trip.

Consider exhibiting at trade shows

The exhibition of products is a universal business marketing tool and one of the most effective methods. Having person-to-person contact can make a client understand what you are trying to sell and later might turn into a real customer. There are very many tourism exhibition shows that are held around the world for example ITB Berlin, the New York Times Travel show, the World travel lifestyle expo, and the international tourism and travel show to mention but a few. These shows make you meet so many powerful entities and personnel who may get interested in Uganda wildlife trips.

Give your website a worldwide reach

A website is one of the most popular channels to reach tourists who wish to travel around the world. The world has gone digital, most things are done through technology. Physical markets have declined and now online markets are gaining momentum. Most people prefer to buy stuff online over other means. So as a tour operator make sure that you design a website with enticing Uganda wildlife trip packages and also affordable and great-looking safari car rentals in Uganda and also optimize it so whereby it can rank well in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo which are recognized worldwide.

Keep track of online reviews

Since most of your work and market is online, customers send their grievances on the internet. It is better for you to join online tourism platforms like Trip Advisor, lonely planet, and Google where you can ascertain what travelers want from the tour operators so that you can make some adjustments to make it better. You should also answer promptly if the client asks a question through online platforms.

Do more eco-tourism

Environment conservation and preservation are on everyone’s agenda nowadays. Many people in the world have gone eco due to diverse effects. travelers want to associate more with nature because it is rare to find in this sophisticated world. therefore, you should tell would-be travelers more about natural attractions such as national parks, lakes, rivers, mountains, and cultural communities.  

 With the above marketing tools, more tourists can be attracted to Uganda, a land gifted by nature.

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Here is Why You Need to Go on a Self Drive in Uganda

Car rental services in Uganda are the most popular ways for one to explore what this country holds for the world at a visitors own time. With Self Drive Uganda, visitors have opportunity to explore and discover Uganda privately or alternatively while on guided safaris. We therefore have a wide of cars for hire that enable our clients to realize their dreams while on African safaris in the pearl of Africa. If you ever thought about realizing the value for your then contact our receptionist for car hire and you won’t regret in life. We pay attention tour client’s needs and ensuring quality provision is ideally one of our priorities.

Below are some of the reasons why you should embark on self drive safari in Uganda;

We offer wide range of care hire services, including corporate services especially business conference transfers, exquisite wedding parties transportation by offering classic vehicles such as the limousines and the luxury SUVs which can be used on corporate conferences. Our fleet of cars can also utilized by travelers on Uganda safaris as we also have a wide range of 4 by 4 safari vehicles especially the Land Cruiser, Toyota Rav4s, safari vans and others. For those who are interested in group tours, we still have you catered for with our classic minivans and coaster buses. As well, if you are first time or repeat traveler and you need to be transferred from the airport to your respective hotel, there is no need for you to get stranded, you are also covered as we have airport transfer services with the best cars which will deliver you safely and comfortably to your respective destination.

Fast and convenience rights from reservation, there is no need to struggle or line up in long queues to reach the receptionist to make a booking, visitors can simply do it via email and telephone contact and your car hire will be booked for you within the shortest time without necessarily you traveling physically to Uganda to make booking of your car of choice for self drive tour. Our clients can book cars of their choice while in their offices, at home, in the vehicles given the current technological changes which have resulted into smart phones, tablets and laptops which are compatible with websites of our car hire company in Uganda.

Reliability, all our car rentals are best for clients to realize their travel dreams in Uganda. We operate 24/7 and any time you contact us we shall be at your service. We have well trained, experienced, reliable, trusted and professional drivers to help take you through any part of Uganda for your vacation. They are time conscious and they can deliver you to your respective destination at that expected time.

Affordability, our 4 by 4 car rentals are pocket friendly and they feature roof tents which you can use as accommodation. You can also choose an ordinary 4 by 4 with no camping offers.

Unlimited travel, our car rentals are issued on unlimited mileage which means visitors can enjoy their safaris at their own pace.

Comfortability, our cars aren’t only better and reliable but also offer you that total comfort that any traveler deserves while on self safari in Uganda and our team can be contacted at any time for any assistance.

Absolute getaways, with self drive tours, visitors have a chance to retire the brain with amazing interaction with nature.

In conclusion, self drive safaris in any new destination including Uganda are more of adventurous. You have opportunity to explore and discover new interesting tourist sites own your own at your own time. The other advantage is that it offers better wildlife spotting experiences and close encounters for you and nature.

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Things to Consider before Hiring a Car in Uganda

Before one hiring a car in Uganda or rwanda from any car agent of company, there are certain things he/she should consider to ensure that he gets the best services. It’s embarrassing to spend your money on services that are below standard and not worth the money. This is why maximum cautiousness is required when selecting where to get a car from. In this case let’s look at Uganda and Rwanda because it’s where car hire is developing rapidly. Below are some of the things one should look at;-


This is so important especially when it’s the first time for someone to book with a specific company. I know this is difficult to determine my tourists when just booking online but there are some measures one can use to prove this like checking if the company is listed on the various tourism platforms like the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. Reading through the reviews given by different clients that have used that company on the various tourism portals is important. If a company has excellent genuine reviews then its credibility is perfect and you can go on and book with it.


Experience companies always offer the best services and therefore one should put that in mind while selecting a company to use. Experience normally comes with the number of years a company has been in a particular business. While selecting a company to book a car from, it’s important to check how many years it has been renting out cars to people. The least number of years one should consider is 8 years. Companies that have just started lack the necessary exposure and experience so they won’t guarantee a tourist the best services for their money.

Office location;

Some people ignore this factor but is important. Since tourists book their safaris online and they choose companies to travel with from far away in their countries, there is great chance of dealing with a thief. Some people open up websites with the sake of taking advantage of tourists who want to visit Uganda or Rwanda. Some even pretend to be car hiring companies yet in actual sense they don’t exist and their company is not registered. Its therefore important for someone to determine whether the people he/she is dealing with have a physical office which is well know. This is for security purposes so that if anything happens a client has to know where to go and claim his/her money.

Conditions of the cars;

Since safety is key while travelling, it’s a good practice to always select those companies that have good vehicles which do not put the lives of clients in danger. Since cars have to be serviced regularly, tourists should ensure that they go with those that take the initiative to service their cars. Old vehicles are not to se while on a safari and therefore only those companies that use new cars are worth traveling with.

There are other factors to consider but those listed above are the most important especially for security and safety reasons. Always book with the best car hire agents for a real adventure.

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