One of the most interesting facts about Uganda is; a third of the country is covered by water, for this reason, Uganda is also referred to as the country of lakes. The country has four major lakes, that is lakes that are more than 1000 square kilometers in size.

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in Africa (68,800 square kilometers), and the second biggest fresh water lake in the whole world dominates the southern borders of the country being shared among Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania situated in a 40  kilometer radius from Kampala. Lake Victoria is the leading tourist destination in Uganda in reference to all the other lakes. It is on this very lake that we have Ngamba Island the chimpanzee sanctuary, Bulago Island a hide out to anyone wishing to experience a special Island hotel expedition in Uganda with Horse riding, sport fishing among other activities.

Multitudes annually flock Jinja to set sight on the marvelous source of the Nile which is also at Lake Victoria, Uganda has a lot to offer in terms of lakes, unfortunately most of the lakes have not been explored or embraced as tourist destinations. It is mostly those interested in bird watching that have taken time to explore most of the lakes in Uganda

Lake Albert
Lake Albert is one of the rift valley lakes found in Uganda, located on the western boarder of Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo,  the 5300 square kilometers lake is the second biggest lake in Uganda after Lake Victoria, the seventh largest on the African continent and 27th among all the lakes found on the Earth.

It was  named after the British deceased prince Albert by sir Samuel Baker in 1864. The lake has on different occasions been labeled with different names such as mwitanzige, and Mubuto sese seko. You will be sure not to miss out on it hypnotizing view on your way from Murchison falls national park to Kibale Forest National Park.

Lake Edward
Lake Edward is the third biggest lake in Uganda covering an area of  2325 square kilometers. Located  in Kasese District along Uganda-Democratic republic of Congo boarder next  to queen Elizabeth National and Virunga National Park. The banks of the lake harbor Lions, Chimpanzees, crocodiles and Elephants

Lake Kyoga

Lake is Kyoga is one of the shallowest lakes in Uganda covering an area of 1720 square kilometers. The biggest part of the lake is covered by water lilies which makes slightly more difficult to navigate on.

The great Nile also flows through Lake Kyoga then connecting to lake Albert

Other Lakes

Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi is the perfection of scenic beauty in Uganda, it is the second deepest lake in the whole of Africa rich in activities such as conoeing, bird watching, and swimming.

The lake has over 29 Islands including the punishment island whose history is rooted in the Bakiga culture. It is also an inception point for Gorilla tracking. One of the Islands has cottages with a wildlife reserve of free ranging Impalas, kobs and other Antelopes.

Kabaka’s Lake

Lake George

Lake Katwe

Lake Mutanda