Why You Should Opt for Self Drive in Uganda

Why self-drive car hire in Uganda? Self-drive tours in Uganda are amazing but you need a comfortable rental car to meet your travel needs. Self-drive has become one of the most sought-after options by many holiday makers to explore Uganda today compared to guided tours. Here are some of the incredible reasons why self-drive car hire in Uganda should your best choice for Uganda safari;

Affordable and flexible

Self-drive tour rates are pocket-friendly and at only US Dollars 35, it is possible for solo-traveler on Uganda tour to find a rental car. Interestingly, our self-drive car rentals are suitable for camping tours as well, as they come with amazing equipment thus saving you a lot for accommodation. You simply pitch your tent at camping ground for overnight stay and you get to interact with nature uniquely.

Drive at your own pace

Freedom to drive at your pace is best got while on self-drive and never while on guided safaris. You also get a chance to make a stop at any point that interests you at no additional cost unlike guided safaris where different visitors have different travel needs.

Ultimate experience

Embarking on self-drive tour comes with ultimate freedom to explore any part of Uganda, make a stopover at any point of your choice at any time. Besides, you rent a car suitable for your travel needs, within your budget and considering the destination you plan to visit. While in the wilderness, you have a close encounter with wildlife around your camping ground.

Get to enjoy unlimited mileage/travel

Self-drive tours don’t restrict you. You can travel to any side of Uganda at any time using our 4×4 rental cars perfect for all self-drive safaris.

Excellent game viewing

With self-drive safaris, no need to be on a rush. You have ample time to explore wildlife without anyone pressurizing you like it is while in a guided safari with a large group.


Self-drive cars aren’t only reliable but also guarantee you comfort you deserve while on a holiday in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Our fleet for self-drive range from Toyota Rav4 to Sedan.