Mountains in Uganda

Mountains In Uganda

The mountains in Uganda can be categorized according to location. That is East, west and North. Mountain Rwenzori is located in the west, Mountain Elgon in the East, and the north hosting over 5 mountains.

Mountain Rwenzori (Western Uganda)

Mountain Rwenzori is the highest mountain in Uganda rising up to 5109 meters above sea level and stretching up to 120 kilometers.The  mountain’s highest peak is snowcapped through out the year making it a special hiking and professional mountain climbing destination.

Average climbers are only allowed to climb up 1600 meters above sea level. Beyond this height; you must be a professional mountaineer. The hiking commonly takes seven days and seven nights

Besides the hiking, the mountain is known for harboring over 89 mammal species such as chimpanzees, duikers, forest elephants, forest buffaloes among other animal species.

Mountain Elgon (Eastern Uganda)

Mountain Elgon is the second highest mountain in Uganda rising up to 4321 meters above sea level. the alredy has hiking and biking trails in the forests.

The mountain has over 300  bird species and animal species that include water-bucks, buffaloes, elephants and a lot more other species.

Mount Moroto (Northern Uganda)

Mountain Moroto is the  highest mountain in the northern region of Uganda. It rises up to 3,083 meters above sea  level. It is one of the distinct hiking destinations in Uganda because of its semi-arid weather.

Mount Kadam

Mountain Kadam is the second highest mountain in northern Uganda with a height of 3,063 meters above sea level.

Mountain Napak

Mountain Napak is the third highest mountain in northern Uganda located in Napak district  rising up to 2530 meters above sea level.

Mount Morungole

(2,750 m)
Mount Zulia

(2,149 m)