Self Driving in Uganda: Know These Important Things

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Self Driving in Uganda: Know These Important Things

Are you planning to hire a car for a self drive tour in Uganda? Do know you the terms and conditions of renting a vehicle in Uganda for a safari? Before hiring or renting a car, it is advisable that you first look at the car hire company’s policies so as not to be disappointed at the last minute. Each Car Rental Company has its own terms and conditions which are meant to guide while hiring a car for you safaris in pearl of Africa. To help make the best decision, we have sighted some of the policies and we feel you will have some guidance while dealing with any car rental company in Uganda;

Minimal age to hire a car in Uganda

To rent a car for safari in Uganda, you should be at least 23 to 70 years and should have a valid international driver’s permit for the last 2 years and with no endorsements. You need to have a copy of your passport, driving license, full contact details, full advance payment of at least 20-30 percent to help book the car you desire to use. The balance can be completed later when or before picking the car for tour. Special prices apply for long term car hire for instance minimum of 30 days

The driving license and age restriction is Uganda is 2 years and minimum of 21 years for groups’ economy to wagon, 25 years and minimum of 3 years of driver’s license for groups’ standards and above, 28 years for groups traveling on luxury.

Car and drop off places

Once you hire a car, we make sure that we deliver it to where you will be depending on policies agreed up on. It can be at the airport or a hotel of your choice and you will also be expected to return as stipulated in the policies.


All our vehicles for hire are fully insured. However, note that loss or damage of tyres, tools and windscreens or glasses or any part of the car is not covered in the insurance.

Recommended extra drivers

Visitors who are planning to embark on self drive safari in Uganda must be authorized by the company and recorded based on the company’s car hire policy. Qualifications for additional drivers are the same as those for renter. If the car is got being driven by an unauthorized driver, all protections and insurance given under the policies are voided. At least 2 additional drivers are allowed to drive the car and the costs apply for additional drivers and the drivers must meet the age requirement as stipulated in the policy.
Theft protection

You are advised to always make sure that the vehicle that you hired is locked at all times when unattended. You will be responsible for the safety and security of the vehicle. Travelers on self drive safari are advised to carry passengers for any reward or profit and driving during dark hours especially beyond 6:30 pm isn’t allowed.

Care rental policy

Vehicles that are on hire rented to be hired for self drive tours in Uganda are subjected to the company’s standard form agreement. Car Rental Company has a right to reject a hire at any time without assigning any reasons.

Fuel/gas and oil

Self drive cost excludes fuel. The quotation for self drive vehicle for hire includes comprehensive car insurance cover, unlimited mileage, 24 hour road help and taxes. You must return car as it was given to you.

The Rental Day

The rental day is usually considered 24 hours after the car is delivered to the hirer.

In case of road accidents

You are advised to report all the accidents that occur while you are driving in Uganda. You have to get data from the other party/parties including license, name, and telephone number, insurance company among others and after call the company as soon as possible. Never leave the scene till the police or one of our agents reaches at the scene. You will also agree that you will assist the company in finalizing with a formal report for the insurance company.

Road Side Help

Whereas our vehicles for hires are well serviced and maintained, any thing can happen along the way. However, we have a 24 hour support service, and in case of accidents or any assistance, you are advised to contact us and we shall be there to help you. Never repair vehicle alone. Otherwise you won’t offer the best mechanical attention that the vehicle requires.

Repossession of car

The company at its discretion will repossess the vehicle at any time if it is found abandoned, when the agreed return date and time goes beyond, traveler fails to pay for rental or charges, car is discovered to be driven in a reckless manner/used for other purposes not allowed under the agreement, car is driven by an unauthorized person, agreement is breached, hirer was involved in the accident, car was obtained using fictitious information.

In conclusion, these policies apply for car rental and they are vital for travelers who intend to undertake self drive tours in Uganda. With the above listed items, we believe that you will have some guidance while hiring a car for safari in the pearl of Africa. Other policies to take note of include cancellation policy, traffic fines and many more.

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